Bitcoin and Esperanto

Posted by on 20 October 2013 | Comments

I recently saw an artical talking about Bitcoin and Esperanto in the same way:

Esperanto is a language that was dreamed up by some guy, the idea being that it would not have any rediculousness of any other language and would encorporate the best bits of all languages. Everyone would speak Esperanto, and then we would all be able to communicate with each other. Esperanto failed, in my opinion because learning another language is too much effort for most people, and lack of adoption by any countries due to the massive amount of effort required to convert the country to another language.

Bitcoins similarity with Esperanto really only goes as far as the fact we have to use a currency other than the one we are used to, in much the same way that you would use Esperanto than the one you normally use. The comparison ends there though, due to the fact that Bitcoin has many more benefits over FIAT currency than Esperanto had over other languages such like Bitcoin transactions are very cheap, psudo-anonymous and irreversable.