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Tradehill back on the scene

Posted by Rob on 4 May 2013 | Comments

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I watched a BBC article on Bitcoin a few days ago, where the CEO of TradeHill was showing the BBC around the world of Bitcoin. This was news to me, as the last I heard of TradeHill was that it had to shut down due to legal pressure, and bank account closures.

TradeHill at its peak was the 2nd biggest exchange after Mt.Gox. Its good to see this player back on the Internet, and should hopfully provide some good competition for Mt. Gox.

There is heaps of room for another large decent company running a Bitcoin exchange. I see heaps of room for improvement at the moment. The lag in trading when the market gets busy on Mt. Gox has riled a few traders. Also the restrictions on FIAT withdrawals from even a verified account on Mt. Gox could be greatly improved on.

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