Terrible NZ Bitcoin News Coverage

Posted by Rob on 10 May 2013 | Comments

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I love New Zealand. However the TV news, and infact TV in general in New Zealand is like the visual equivalent of sandpapering your eyeballs. This is a good example of why:

 First of all, before we even get to the Bitcoin discussion, what kind of reporting is this... ABOUT ANYTHING? Whatever happened to having a balanced set of opinions? Lets get 3 people into the discussion, and not include anyone who can say anything in opposition. Isn't the point of having 3 people in the discussion so that at least one might provide an alternative view? What a great and interesting discussion we can have, when everyone is against the topic being discussed.

So well done OneNews, great job there, excellent stuff, another reason why when the "digital switchover" happens I won't need to buy a digital reciever. I don't want or need to collect any of the rubbish you are broadcasting.

Now onto the Dinosaurs in the interview, first of all the idiot? who can't pronounce Bitcoin properly. He's not an idiot, I've seen through his plan:

I'm going to mispronounce Bitcoin as BIT-CON, and then say "its the morning! I can't talk properly in the morning!"

Well done there, very clever, keep saying "Bit-con" on National TV and soon everyone will be repeating and believeing it.

Now we have the others on the panel who believe that Bitcoiners are big trouble to society! Its a SINISTER thing! We're mental anarchists hell bent on causing trouble. So what do we do with trouble makers? We lock them up and throw away the key! Lets make laws against bitcoin! That will stop them! They can't destroy the society we love from the inside when they are in jail!

So this woman compares using Bitcoin as a currenct to using a dishwasher as currency........... Her dishwasher has value! but that doesn't make it a currency!

So she's arguing against Bitcoin being a currency. However people are using it as such. Who is she? Currency police? This is so stupid, I don't know where to start, so I wont.

Bad people have been doing bad things before Bitcoin came along. Do you think drug dealers were using EFTPOS and credit cards to buy / sell drugs before Bitcoin came along? No, they are using regular cash, and still are. Bitcoin is not about evading tax either, this has always been a feature of using regular cash for payments anyway.

MONEY has always been the best way of voting. Don't like a company, don't buy from them. However this is the FIRST TIME that people have been able to actually vote by switching the CURRENCY they are using. The  Dinosaurs  are the dictionary definition of "afraid of change", they are maliciously ignorant of the problems with the current financial system and seem to want to be chugging along with the old way of doing things. Hanging onto the status quo for the sake of it is not going to get us anywhere.